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Pete II

Bucky (aka Pete II) is doing incredibly well! He has made a full recovery from heartworm disease and is living his best life. He loves to go swimming in his shark floaty and is obsessed with going out to the backyard and chase lizards. He might only have 3 legs, but he's super fast and agile. He's made huge strides around strangers and is always excited to meet other dogs. He is the sweetest boy who might've had a tough start in life, but is now thriving thanks to Jack's compassion and his annual Louisiana trip. We can't stop telling people about how great SEBR is and how thankful we are for them saving our son. 


Hello all!! First let me start with a big thank you for all your hard work with trying to find homes for as many of our favorite dogs as possible. About 4 months ago I adopted Abby (aka Pixie) from SEBR. She was a 1 ½ year, 13” female tri-color beagle. From day one she fit right in and has become such a large part of our lives that I couldn’t imagine it without her. She is very intelligent and loves to be around people, dogs and whoever else will play! After a quick obedience refresher class she is the most well mannered little lady. She is definitely a bundle of energy and keeps us very active. We are getting ready to add a feline companion to our home and I know she will love the added company. Everyone is her best friend and playmate. Her floppy ears and amazing disposition makes her the life of the party at the dog park. I am so happy to call her mine and wouldn’t have been matched without everyone’s help at SEBR!! Thanks again! Katie

Click a letter to find an animal or view all.
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