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Are You Ready to Adopt a Beagle?

That’s a question that many of us at SouthEast Beagle Rescue asked ourselves before we brought home our first beagle.  Luckily for all of us the answer was "YES!"

Beagles make wonderful pets. They are friendly, medium sized, highly social animals.  They are considered one of the most family-friendly breeds, in most cases, getting along well with children and other pets (even cats). They are sweet and loving and typically have a knack for a special relationship with each family member.

Beagles love to play and do require more exercise than some other breeds and in most cases are considered moderate to highly active.  Exercise is “key” to having a happy and healthy dog. 

These popular hounds were bred for hundreds of years to follow their noses, they have a tendency to roam, therefore, your Beagle must be kept as an indoor pet.  A securely fenced yard is “heaven” for a Beagle, and highly recommended to contain your wanderer.  This also allows a Beagle to sniff and explore to their hearts content.  As you get to know your Beagle, it is important to supervise them even in a fenced yard as scents, noise and other distractions beyond the fence spike their curiosity.

Beagles can be tough to train and this is often a recognized characteristic of the breed. We refer to their intelligence level as “Beagle Smart.” They can learn to understand what you’re telling them with simple key words and involvement of their favorite treat! Food is an excellent motivator when training a Beagle. 

Most Beagles have a lovely voice with a very distinctive bay and can be howlers for a variety of reasons.  Like most of us Beagle owners, be ready for the sound of the hunter.

Beagles love to be the center of attention.  They can make you laugh and will love you unconditionally.  Exploration is their middle name there is no greater companion for a stroll down the block or a rest on the sofa.  Affectionate, sweet and merry describe this family pet. 

Next Step - Prepare

Obtain a veterinarian, or let your current vet know you are making an addition to the family.  Supply yourself with food and water dishes, a crate and bedding, a leash and collar, toys, kibble and treats.  You may want to think about the layout of your home and whether or not you will need room separator gates.  If you have these things, you are ready to begin the adoption process.

How Do I Adopt a Beagle through SEBR?

Please do more research on the breed before making your decision.  Here is a website loaded with more information:

Completing an Adoption Survey is the first step in adopting one of our awesome Beagles.  You will find an Adoption Survey online here:

A SEBR volunteer will review your Adoption Survey and be in contact with you within 3 days to go over it with you, answer your questions and most importantly, find out which dog(s) will best fit your home and lifestyle. 

After your survey is approved, please plan to visit our wonderful adoptable Beagles at an upcoming Adoption Event or a private meet-up may be arranged based on volunteer availability.

Once you have found your new forever friend, we will finalize the adoption by signing the Adoption Agreement and turning over all of the medical records to you.  The adoption donation is payable at the time the adoption is finalized by check, cash or via Paypal.

Come out and meet our adoptable Beagles, you’ll have a friend for life!